Colas - we go further

Colas IOM Limited has been established on the Island since 1974.


The roots of the Colas Isle of Man Group date back as far as 1921 when Billown Lime Quarries Ltd was formed to produce lump lime in kilns for supply to the local farming community. Since it was established in 1921 Billown has extracted stone from five different quarry sites.

C. Kniveton Ltd was formed in 1931 originally operating from Snugborough where it was involved in the production of concrete product. In 1941 they moved to the Turkeyland site where they became active in the extraction of stone originally to provide aggregates for the construction of Ronaldsway airport. Although quarrying has now ceased C. Kniveton Ltd continue to manufacture and supply a large proportion of the Islands concrete brick and block requirements.

Colas (IOM) Ltd can trace its roots back to 1962 when the business was formed as Tony Wilding Ltd. The initial activities of the company were the sale of drummed bitumen together with minor contracting work and the supply of ancillary equipment such as traffic cones, lamps etc. Soon the company had expanded into surface dressing, macadam contracting, road lining and the manufacture of road signs.

Shell Ventures had acquired Tony Wilding Ltd in 1974 and appointed Tony Broom, who had been with surfacing company R.S Clare Ltd of Liverpool, as the Managing Director and he moved to the Island to head up the newly acquired company and changed its name to Colas.

The company went on to acquire Billown and Knivetons in quick succession, Billown Lime Quarries Ltd in 1977 and C. Kniveton Ltd in 1978.

Turkeyland Recycling and Waste Management Ltd (TRWM) was founded in 2005 to provide disposal facilities for the Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) from the recently built Energy from Waste Plant (EfW) and also to provide recycling and waste disposal facilities for inert waste. TRWM have now entered into a 10 year agreement with the Isle of Man Government to now maturate and dispose/store the IBA in their former coastal quarry at Turkeyland.

On the 1st of January 2015 the four trading companies of Billown Lime Quarries, Colas IOM, C. Knifeton and Turkeyland Recycling all became one company, Colas (IOM) Limited.

Our more recent installment to the group is the addition of Audlyn Construction which took place at the end of April, another positive step for Colas. Audlyn has an enviable reputation for producing a quality product and its addition to the Colas Group reflects our commitment to these ideals.