Colas - we go further

Colas Isle of Man Group is committed to the provision of both products and services to consistently meet our customers' requirements.

Our Approach

In working for a sustainable future, Colas has important responsibilities towards our people and the communities in which we work.  We also have competitive pressures, and recognise that our customers will demand ever-greater value from us. 

Our approach to these challenges is to be an 'Intelligent Service Provider' for our customers.  Not just to work harder, but to work smarter, together.  This means we'll always aim to fully understand our customers' complex and difficult problems before we offer solutions.  Through our R&D facilities, worldwide expertise and our own talented people, we'll source or create a sustainable and cost-effective solution - often unique - to precisely meet these needs.  We'll then deliver the solution, ensuring we provide real value.

We're not offering quick fixes - our approach is all about helping our customers make the right choices and investments for long-term benefits.