Colas - we go further

To help us deliver our unique offer we look for a certain type of individual. So we regularly attended careers fairs to speak with potential candidates about our recruitment opportunities. 

Careers Fairs

Colas develop relationships with local schools and colleges to develop and enhance links between business and education. Our experience of local involvement and the commitment of our staff include visits to schools and career fairs to promote the construction industry to the next generation workforce.

Careers Fairs are an important part of our recruitment process, we like to speak directly to our potential candidates and understand what they are looking for from their future roles and careers and what challenges and training interests them.

In turn Careers Fairs present an excellent opportunity for us to engage and demonstrate the attractive roles and opportunities we are able to provide at Colas. Our industry is a vibrant, dynamic and innovative sector to be involved with, and we like to show some of the successes we have achieved and help explain how candidates can be a part of that success.


If you would like us to attend your Careers Fair then please contact us.