Colas - we go further

Our Value Management team provides a different dynamic in how we approach our long term contracts and maintenance frameworks.

Value Management Team

Colas recognise the importance of a strategic approach to network management. We are committed to investing in the skills and resource to shape our business for the future so that we can offer delivery solutions that are right from the outset, affordable and responsive to on-going needs.

Our Value Management team work to integrate and recommend the best available products, services, techniques and asset management solutions for each of our client's unique requirements.

The Value Management team was formed to blend our UK expertise along with that of the International Colas Group. By utilising the knowledge and techniques that exist throughout the Colas group, they can put forward solutions that provide optimal engineering results. These include technical, engineering, environmental and contractual obligations and needs. The team consider all the unique skills, expertise, products, materials, applications, services and software in the Colas Group to enable a complete service to be offered to our clients.

The solutions and recommendations are combined by the team to create a complete in house service specification designed to meet our customer's unique requirements.

Asset Management Software Hummock

Our asset management software was developed by the team for use on the Portsmouth PFI contract; the software was designed for complex requirements of upgrading and then maintaining the network, the software incorporated factors such as future renewal costs, life expectancy of various treatments, minimisation of traffic management and the residual life of the network once the contract has ended.

The software modelled each road on the network in order to simulate the progressive annual deterioration and determine the optimum time to repair and upgrade each road. It then produced a detailed programme for every road based on its current condition, traffic flows and construction.

Currently the team are also working on the development of this software with other tools such as the Environmental Calculator and the Pavement Design Optimiser.