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Billown Lime Quarries Ltd manufactures a comprehensive range of coated materials all supported by our stringent quality management systems.

Coated Stone

Billowns' coating plant situated near Cross Four Ways at Ballasalla in the south of the island produces a comprehensive range of British Standard bitumen macadams. All of the products are manufactured to compliance with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems (certificate reference FM 40710)

Coating Plant Macadam -001







Products supplied from Billown Lime Quarries Ltd include:

  • 0/32mm dense grade
  • 0/20mm open grade
  • 0/20mm dense grade
  • 0/10mm open grade
  • 0/10mm dense grade
  • 0/6mm open grade
  • 0/6mm medium grade
  • 0/6mm dense grade

All products are available in 100/150 penetration mixes. Other grades of penetration bitumen are available on request.

Also available on request: coated sealing grit, red macadam and other grades of coated macadam. 

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