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Quick set concrete (QC10)

QC10 is a rapid setting concrete, which forms part of the BBA/HAPAS system of ironwork installation. When used as a back-fill concrete QC10 provides excellent lateral stability to the cover and frame significantly improving durability of the installation. It can also be used for deep section repairs and rapid post installation. QC10 is a two-part product containing special cements and graded aggregates. It only requires the addition of water to form a high strength concrete.

Preparation; Good concrete practice should always be observed, to enable the mix to be placed into position within 4 minutes. Remove all loose debris, oil and grease and any other contaminants and work on a sound substrate, pre-wet area with water.

Mixing; QC10 should be mixed by forced action mixer or by vigorous hand mixing with appropiate tool. Mix the inner bag containing the cement with the sand/aggregate. Add between 1-2 litres of water and mix thoroughly. A stiff consistant mix should be achieved.

Placing; Apply material over pre-wetted area with a float and within 4 minutes of mixing to 40mm below the required surface fill level. Compact ensuring no voids are evident.

Package; 25kg Poly bag or tub.

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