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Rapid strength bedding mortar (M60)

M60 is a rapid setting high performance cementitous bedding mortar for ironwork installation. It can be applied from 10-75mm depth. It conforms to the Department of Transport Design Manual for Roads and Bridges HD 27/94 Vol 7 Sec 2. Once applied the road can be open to traffic after only 60 minutes.

Preparation; All surfaces should be free from any contamination of oil, grease, paint etc. Pre-wet area with water

Mixing; M60 should be mixed by forced action mixer or by vigorous hand mixing with an appropiate tool. A 25kg bag requires approximately 3 litres of water.

Placing; Always apply the bedding material over pre-wetted area. Once mixed the material should be applied to the supporting structure within 4 minutes and firmed well into position. Place the frame onto the bedding mortar ensuring it is fully supported.

Package; 25kg bag or tub.

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