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Our dedicated team can provide various line marking alternatives to meet your everyday needs and help provide a safe, harmoniuos local environment.

Line Marking

Colas (IOM) Ltd provides a comprehensive range of services for a variety of applications. Our trained personnel is fully equiped with modern vehicles and equipment and we apply all types of line markings to your specifications and bespoke designs.


 Line MarkingTennis 22








 Our line marking services can prove ideal for:

  • Car parks
  • Roads
  • Playgrounds
  • Sport surfaces 

All thermoplastic materials are manufactured to BSI standards and expertly applied to your requirements.

Spaces can be coloured or highlighted for special uses and a whole range of letters or symbols can be used to provide information for traffic flows and restrictions.

Colas (IOM) Ltd help you be more efficient and safe within your working environment by providing a durable and effective marking system at a convenient time.

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